Hi. I'm Alok Mandavgane.

Android Developer , Web Developer.
Coordinator at Aryabhat Foundation

Masters in Technology, Mathematics and Computing, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi

Worked at:
  • Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad.
  • Oxyent Medical Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
Mathematics, Philosophy, Astronomy, Photography, Computers, Techonology
What I do


I am a Software Developer. Some of the languages and technologies I have worked on : Android, Python, Django, Java, C++


An Amateur Astronomer. Co-ordinator at Aryabhat Foundation. Organizing various night sky watching camps and workshops.


I have tried my hand on Astrophotography and wildlife photography. You can find my pics here

Projects and stuff.

Some of the projects I have been involved in, and am currently involved in.

Hindu Calendar

A top rated app for Android. Over 2.5 Million Downloads!! A one stop solution for all calendar, muhurt related needs for the traditional Hindu Panchang.

Sunrise Sunset

An informational app showing the Civil, Astronomical and Nautical Sunrise Sunset times. Has widgets and a 3D visualizer explaining the concepts involved.

Indian Sky Map

A virtual planetarium on android showing various Nakshatras, Rashis of Indian Culture.

Work Experience


2010 -

Design and development responsibilities for the core EMR application platform Manage Android apps development - responsible for design and development of the full Android portfolio Developed medical systems for DICOM image management, Laboratory diagnostic systems, Medical learning systems Analyse and recommend technical solutions for product architecture Manage product release cycle, schedules and timelines.

Oxyent Medical


Qualia: Research software for studying the consciousness of complexes of elements based on the theoretical framework of Prof. Giulio Tononi et al, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Built on Rich Client Platform (RCP). Distributes calculations using Remote Method Invocation (RMI). Reduced the runtime of the program by 50% by optimizing the calculations. Developed a visualization tool for the complex elements using OpenGL.

Internship Microsoft

Summer 2007, IDC Hyderabad

Developed SharePoint List Editor and document application for Windows Mobile in Visual C# Increased efficiency of the Application by implementing it in Visual C++ using ATL


Independent Coursework


  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Synapses Neurons and Brains
  • Know Thy Self
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
  • Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story
  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala
  • Startup Engineering
  • From the Big bang to Dark Energy
  • Analyzing the Universe
  • Confronting The Big Questions: Highlights of Modern Astronomy
  • EdX

  • Justice (ER22x)
  • 24.00x: Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness
  • ET3034TUx: Solar Energy
  • Courses at IIT Delhi

  • Programming Languages
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Statistical Methods and Algorithm
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Managerial Accounting and Financial Management
  • Soft Computing
  • Cryptology
  • Stochastic of Finance
  • Graph Theory
  • Computer Vision
  • Topology and Functional Analysis
  • Linear Algebra
  • Software Engineering
  • Theory of Automata
  • Database management systems
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Econometric Methods
  • Computer Graphics
  • Operating Systems
  • Optimization methods and Application
  • Self organizing Dynamical systems
  • Logic for Computer Science
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithm
  • Numerical Methods and Computation
  • Probability and Stochastic Processes
  • Microeconomics
  • Classical Mechanics and Relativity
  • Digital Electronics
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • Semantic Web

    Major Project. Ontology Engineering: Storage system and Matching. (WEB 3.0) Study of Logic and Description Logic for the theoretical concepts of ontologies. Implemented a storage system for OWL (Web Ontology Language) in MySQL using JDBC. Implemented an Ontology Alignment System for unifying heterogeneous ontologies.